Please help: Money is killing democracy. Vote against software patents.

Famous examples for European Software Patents are the progress bar and the undo function (currently stopped, but not for long). In the US, Amazon has patents on selling products with one mouse click, and for selling presents.

"Patented" means that noone can emulate these "ideas". Microsoft had to pay about 500.000.000 US$, because another company had a patent on web browser plugins.

As you can see, insanity has no limits, if only enough money comes in. Help now or it will be too late!

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12.03.05 GL-117 v1.3.2
20.11.04 GL-117 v1.3.1 and developer page updates
12.06.04 GL-117 v1.3
07.02.04 GL-117 v1.2
14.12.03 GL-117 v1.1
21.10.03 GL-117 v1.0.1 (important bugfixes and model textures)
22.08.03 GL-117 v1.0
19.06.03 GL-117 v0.9 (BETA)
28.04.03 GL-117 v0.8.8 (BETA)
06.04.03 New Layout
24.03.03 Algorithm updates (terrain generation)

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