You might have to install GL, GLU, GLUT, and SDL, SDL_mixer.
Look into your system directory, that is

You need the files opengl32.dll, glu32.dll, glut32.dll, and sdl.dll, sdl_mixer.dll there!


It is best to get a package for your system.
However, you will need the packages
GL, GLU, GLUT, and SDL, SDL_mixer
installed on your system.

Unix/Linux Compile

If you have to compile the sources, you will need
GL-devel, GLU-devel, GLUT-devel, SDL-devel, SDL_mixer
OR: mesa-devel, mesaglu-devel, mesaglut-devel, SDL-devel, SDL_mixer

as well.

To compile gl-117, just execute "./configure", "make" and "make install". Without root permissions, please use
"./configure --prefix=$HOME/gl-117". The file README gives further installation instructions.


Since version 0.8.2 GL-117 complies with all big endian requirements and some people have already managed to compile the game on MaxOSX using further libraries. I do not have MacOS, too bad...

Other systems have not been tested yet.